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UNOCHA Infographic on Shipping to Yemen


(UNOCHA Date of Creation: 08/09/2015)

Carnage against the civilian population in Yemen / Human Rights Watch testimony (21/07/2014)

Yemen children walking on ruins


Carnage against the civilian population in Yemen In the silence of the international community
مجازر ترتكب ضد المدنيين في اليمن في ظل استمرار صمت المجتمع الدولي
Carnage contre les civils au Yémen – Dans le silence de la communauté internationale

The offensive led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen continues, the peace talks have stalled and humanitarian truce decided by the United Nations had no effect. Air, sea and land blockade prevents the supply of the country and worsens the already grave situation of civilians, first victims of this attack. Having been able to go there, Ole Solvang of Human Rights Watch tells the life of a severely affected population.

العدوان بقيادة المملكة السعودية علي اليمن مستمر، محادثات السلام متعثرة، الهدنة الإنسانية التي قررتها الأمم المتحدة لم تتم . ا والحصار البري والجوي والبحري يمنع إمدادات البلاد ويسبب في تفاقم الوضع الخطيرالمتردي للمدنيين، أول ضحايا هذا الهجوم. بعد أن تمكنت من الذهاب إلى هناك، أولى سولفانغ من هيومن رايتس ووتش تروي حياة السكان المتضررين بشكل كبير (بالغ الشدة).

L’offensive menée par l’Arabie saoudite au Yémen continue : les négociations de paix sont au point mort et la trêve humanitaire décidée par les Nations unies est restée sans effet. Le blocus aérien, naval et terrestre empêche l’approvisionnement du pays et aggrave la situation déjà extrêmement préoccupante des civils, premières victimes de cette attaque. Ayant pu se rendre sur place, Ole Solvang de l’organisation Human Rights Watch raconte le quotidien d’une population durement touchée.,0965


OCHA Yemen’s 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan

OCHA Yemen’s 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan available for download here:

2015 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan

UNICEF, Middle East Eye (25/06/2015)

UNICEF, Middle East Eye (25.06.2015)

80% of Yemeni people need help.
80% de la population yéménite à besoin d’aide!
ثمانيين في المئة من اليمنيين بحاجة للإغاثة .

SFY sent a one-man delegation to the Geneva Talks on Yemen, June 14 – June 19, 2015. (03/06/2015)

“The Security Council endorsed the Secretary-General’s call for “a further humanitarian pause” in order to allow assistance “to reach the Yemeni people urgently” and called upon all sides to comply with international humanitarian law.

Finally, the UN body stressed the urgent need for ongoing commercial supplies to enter the country because of its “heavy dependence” on imported food and fuel.

As a result of shortages, food prices have skyrocketed and the cost of cooking gas has risen on average 131 per cent since the start of the crisis, according to WFP data.

Yemen, the poorest country in the region, also imports almost 90 per cent of its food from abroad.”

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