SFY is organizing a day for Yemen in Paris on May 28th to celebrate Yemen, whose people and heritage are in acute danger, and to raise awareness for a country in need for help and solidarity.

Come and see exhibitions, films, live music and experts debate at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture on May 28th in Paris.

Your SFY Team

SFY organise une journée pour le Yémen à Paris le 28 mai pour célébrer le Yémen, dont les habitants et le patrimoine sont en danger, et pour sensibiliser les gens car le Yémen a besoin de votre aide et solidarité.

Venez voir des expositions, des films, de la musique et des débats et interventions à l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture le 28 mai à Paris.

Votre équipe SFY.



Invitation Un jour au Yemen SO2_8588_3

One Comment on “INVITATION

  1. Bravo !
    It is great what are you doing For Yemen.
    We need all the Medias to talk about what happened in Yemen spence a year, the humanitarian situation is so catastrophic
    Saudi should stop there war in Yemen !
    Us and Uk should stop helping Saudi in there dirty war if not Isis and Al Aqaida will control the situation as it is in Iraq and Syria
    Enough morder enough starving Yemeni
    Stop the war

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