Salam for Yemen, the International Initiative for Peace in Yemen, is a social and humanitarian initiative, without any political or religious links, aiming to enhance the security, the stability and a lasting peace for all Yemeni citizens. The members of this collective belong to various nationalities, all over the world. Their contribution is voluntary.


Since March 26, 2015 until the present day, Yemen has been under a blockade. The country’s infrastructure (airports, roads, bridges) have been destroyed by six weeks of continuous bombing. Yemen is the poorest country of the Arabian Peninsula and as 90% of the country’s food is imported, the air, land and naval blockade has caused a severe shortage of food, medicine and fuel.

Due to the lack of medicine and fuel, hospitals cannot operate properly. The small food stock available cannot be distributed around the country due to the damage to the main roads and airports. Clean water is no longer available for most of the Yemeni people.

According to UN and NGO experts, the humanitarian collapse in the country threatens the death of more than 10 million children, women and men in Yemen.

Dominique Burgeon, an FAO expert, said that “between 14 and 15 million people are now food insecure, or, of a total of 26 million people in Yemen, half of them are severely insecure”. He added that “trade and importation should restart.”



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