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“After a five-day truce, the Saudi-led campaign on Yemen has restarted, stronger and more violent than before. Centuries-old cities have suffered intense bombardments, while the historic city of Sa’da has been completely decimated. The old city of Sana’a, a unique architectural wonder inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is now under threat, as bombardments in and around the compounds of the historic capital are causing irreversible structural damage.”

“The world’s slow reaction – almost indifference – towards what is going on in the poorest Arab nation, and the inaction towards the so-called Saudi led alliance indiscriminate aerial attacks against the people of Yemen, must urgently be addressed and put to a stop. Imposing sanctions against a group in the country alongside a number of key figures is not an immediate solution nor the best answer. It is important that the UN Security Council demands all external hostile actions be immediately stopped and a top international team of experts and diplomats is set up to mediate and bring all internal hostilities to a stop, and stop the bloodshed of innocent citizens of the country.”

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  1. Yemen is about to be erased kids and babies are dying of hunger. Please take action by donating or signing petitions so more people can understand this crisis.

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