Call for solidarity

Yemen needs you!

Call for solidarity

A picture or a video for Yemen

Regardless of your nationality, your country of residence and your convictions share your humanity and take part in the international solidarity movement with the people of Yemen.

Since 26 March 2015, Yemenis are living under constant fear and isolation, circumstances that we all share nowadays.

Yemenis have been victims of an unfair war and a deadly blockade for more than 5 years.

Take part in our global campaign aiming at condemning the war and the blockade affecting every citizen in Yemen.

Each person can take a picture or a video from their home or workplace to engage with us through a short statement, a song, a poem or even a drawing. The idea is to show solidarity with Yemenis and to call on all parties to end the war, levy the blockade and work together to establish peace.

Please use one of the following # hashtags


# اوقفوا_الحرب
# اوقفوا_الحصار
# اوقفوا_بيع _السلاح
# السلام_لليمن


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