A Day in Yemen: SFY Paris Event

For more than a year now a Saudi-led campaign has indiscriminately attacked Yemen’s civilian population and killing thousands, injuring hundreds of thousands, destroying infrastructure, contaminating land through cluster munition, and ruining the beautiful heritage.

Lacking access to drinking water, food, fuel and medication, the Yemeni population is suffering.

According to International Law, the Saudi-led coalition is committing war crimes. So are some of the Houthi factions in Yemen.

And on top of all that, there is a lack of solidarity/awareness for the suffering of the Yemeni civilian population.

Silence creates accomplices.

By letting out governments continue to arm the Saudi-led coalition or provide fuel for their planes, war crimes are being enabled. Many Western governments, US, France, etc are selling arms (including illegal weapons like cluster munition).

On Saturday, May 28th 2016, Salam For Yemen organized an event in Paris to raise awareness for the beauty of Yemen and the need to protect it, through exhibitions, film screenings, conferences, music and food.

SFY is grateful for everyone who participated in the event and made it a large success.


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Programme (PDF in French)


10:00 AM – 1:00PM: Films

– A New Day in Old Sanaa, Bader Ben Hirsi

– Théodore Monod : Le Vieil Homme et la fleur, José Marie Bel

– Trésors du Yémen (documentary), Sadek Alsaar

2:00PM – 6:00PM: Conferences

2:00PM – 2:30PM: “Aden, a Yemeni mythical port, on the footsteps of Raimbaud”

By Mr José Marie Bel, PhD in Plastic Arts, conservator, specialized on Yemeni Architecture, President of the ” Espace Reine de Sabaa ”

2:30PM – 3:00PM: “Shabwa and its architectural and artistic context”

by Mr Jean-François Breton, Archeologist and Historian, Research Director at CNRS, ex-Director at CFEE

3:00PM – 3:30PM: Mr.Mégo Terzian, Doctors Without Borders’ President

3:30PM – 4:00PM: “One year of conflict in Yemen”

by Mr Laurent Bonnefoy Researcher in political science at the CNRS, CERI / Science Po Paris, currently deputy principal investigator of the European Research Council Advanced Grant. He specializes in the Arabian Peninsula.

4:00PM – 4:30PM: “Yemeni vernacular architecure”

by Paul Bonnenfant Sociologist, former senior researcher at the CNRS, associated researcher à the IREMAM (Aix-en-Provence), works on traditional architecture mainly in the Arabian Peninsula.

4:30PM – 5:00PM: “Antique jewelry in pre-islamic South Arabia”

by Mrs Leïla Ali Aquil, PhD in archeology.

5:00PM – 5:30PM: “Yemen’s heritage in danger”

by Mr Jean Lambert, teacher/researcher in anthropology and musicology at Musée de l’Homme, Anthropologist and ethnomusicologist, permanent associated professor at the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle of Paris, researcher at the Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie . He is a former director of this center (2009-2014) and of the CEFAS (2003-2008).

5:30PM – 6:00PM: Mr Sadek Alsaar, Salam For Yémen

7:00PM – 10:00PM: Concerts

– Berry Hayward, American musician, Orchestra conductor at Maison des métallos

– Aleksandar Petrov & Nenad Elmaz, Macedonian Musicians

– Redwan Al Salahi, Yemeni musician, organist


– Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Photos of Yemen from the Sky
– Eric Lafforgue, Yemeni portrays
– Peggy Crawford, Yemeni Architecture
– Stephanie Ledoux, Travel diaries
– José Marie Bel, Dessins d’architecture
– Aurélie Pedrajas, Travel diaries
– Guillaume Binet, Yemen, a forgotten war


– Stand “Espace Reine de Saba” (Queen of Sheba)
– Stand “Geuthner, an orientalist publishing house”
– Stand “Claudie Fayein, an ethnologist/physician in Yemen”
– Stand “Yemeni Jewelry & Handicrafts”

All day long, at the cafeteria, we’ll sell Yemeni food for you to sample the tastes of Arabia Felix

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