Invitation : Un jour au Yemen – 20.10.2018 – 10.00-22.00

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One Bomb. Many Targets: US blocks cluster munitions exports to Saudi Arabia.

Humanitarian concerns about the Saudi Arabian military intervention in Yemen are creating more pressure on Saudi Arabia (KSA). According to an investigative effort by the US news magazine Foreign Policy, the White House recently decided to put a hold an…

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Abuses of the Laws of War in Yemen

Abuses of Laws of Armed Conflict and Human Rights in Yemen Violations of human rights and the rights of law appear to have been carried out both by the Saudi-led international coalition and the rebels in the country. While not…

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! SFY is calling for NGO’s, IGO’s, journalists, academics and other experts to share their analysis, data and statements with SFY, for us to distribute amongst our network and beyond. For inquiries and submissions:

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In light of the Geneva Talks on Yemen in June 2015, SFY launched the following petition on “We call on the States in the Security Council of the UnitedNations to act to: – Stop all fighting and specially air…

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“Almost 8.6 million people are in urgent need of medical help. WHO was able to dispatch almost 48 tonnes of medicine into the country during the 5-day ceasefire earlier this month, serving some 400 000 people. This is vastly insufficient…

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The humanitarian crisis in Yemen grows more catastrophic each day. Fighting and indiscriminate airstrikes have harmed civilians, medical facilities, and critical infrastructure, disabling the only international airport in the country. These attacks, along with an unwavering blockade, … (read more)…

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