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فعالية عبر الإنترنت

فعالية عبر الإنترنت بعد تأجيل النسخة الثالثة من يوم في اليمن ، يسر فريق منظمة سلام من أجل اليمن الإعلان عن إطلاق سلسلة من الأنشطة عبر الإنترنت اعتبارًا من ال 26 سبتمبر. وستشمل البث الحي للحفلات الموسيقية وتسجيلاتها وإنجاز لوحات…

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Online event  : Un Jour au Yémen

Following the postponement of the third edition of Un Jour au Yémen, our team is very happy to announce the launch of a series of online activities starting from 26th of September. It will include the live transmission of concerts,…

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Événement en ligne  : Un Jour au Yémen

Suite au report de la troisième édition d’Un Jour au Yémen, l’équipe de Salam for Yémen est très heureuse de vous annoncer le lancement, à partir du 26 septembre, d’une série d’activités en ligne.    Elles comprendront la transmission live…

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U.N. Human Rights Council: Help Bridge Yemen’s “Acute Accountability Gap”

U.N. Human Rights Council: Help Bridge Yemen’s “Acute Accountability Gap” download document (pdf) September 22, 2020 – States should help pave the way towards credible accountability and redress for the people of Yemen by renewing and strengthening international investigations into war…

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Communiqué : Report de l’événement Un Jour au Yémen 

Communiqué Au vu des dernières recommandations des autorités sanitaires et après concertations avec nos intervenants et partenaires, nous avons pris la décision de reporter l’événement Un Jour au Yémen, prévu le 26 septembre 2020 aux Cinq Toits. Nous prenons cette décision  la mort…

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Programme : Un jour au Yémen # 3, 26 septembre 2020

Programme Un jour au Yemen Télécharger le programme 09h45 – Accueil des intervenants 10h00 – Projection de films documentaires Yémen, le cri des femmes – 52 minutes Un film de Manon LOIZEAU production AMIP /France 5/public Sénat / RTS 11h15…

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After one year of airstrikes, no end in sight.

Saturday marks one year since the Saudi-led coalition began carrying out airstrikes on rebel forces in Yemen. So far all negotiation talks have failed to broker a peace deal and to end the airstrikes and fighting on the ground, as…

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Abuses of the Laws of War in Yemen

Abuses of Laws of Armed Conflict and Human Rights in Yemen Violations of human rights and the rights of law appear to have been carried out both by the Saudi-led international coalition and the rebels in the country. While not…

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! SFY is calling for NGO’s, IGO’s, journalists, academics and other experts to share their analysis, data and statements with SFY, for us to distribute amongst our network and beyond. For inquiries and submissions:

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In light of the Geneva Talks on Yemen in June 2015, SFY launched the following petition on “We call on the States in the Security Council of the UnitedNations to act to: – Stop all fighting and specially air…

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