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Carnage against the civilian population in Yemen / Human Rights Watch testimony (21/07/2014)

Yemen children walking on ruins

  Carnage against the civilian population in Yemen In the silence of the international community مجازر ترتكب ضد المدنيين في اليمن في ظل استمرار صمت المجتمع الدولي Carnage contre les civils au Yémen – Dans le silence de la communauté…

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OCHA Yemen’s 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan

OCHA Yemen’s 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan available for download here: 2015 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan

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UNICEF, Middle East Eye (25/06/2015)

UNICEF, Middle East Eye (25.06.2015) 80% of Yemeni people need help. 80% de la population yéménite à besoin d’aide! ثمانيين في المئة من اليمنيين بحاجة للإغاثة .

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“Almost 8.6 million people are in urgent need of medical help. WHO was able to dispatch almost 48 tonnes of medicine into the country during the 5-day ceasefire earlier this month, serving some 400 000 people. This is vastly insufficient…

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The humanitarian crisis in Yemen grows more catastrophic each day. Fighting and indiscriminate airstrikes have harmed civilians, medical facilities, and critical infrastructure, disabling the only international airport in the country. These attacks, along with an unwavering blockade, … (read more)…

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“The Security Council endorsed the Secretary-General’s call for “a further humanitarian pause” in order to allow assistance “to reach the Yemeni people urgently” and called upon all sides to comply with international humanitarian law. Finally, the UN body stressed the…

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